Top notch Web Design Company in Dubai

Fajar web solutions offer you spectral custom web design services in Dubai. Moreover, our company has a solid reputation. Because of our efficiency, excellence, and consistency in making the best website designs.

Fajar web solutions offer you spectral custom web design services in Dubai. Moreover, our company has a solid reputation. Because of our efficiency, excellence, and consistency in making the best website designs. As a leading Dubai web design company. We support many well-known companies from numerous business domains in UAE, Dubai, and the Middle East.

We offer the best web designs services for many years. These designs are user-friendly, clear, unique, and innovative. Also, with the decades of our expertise and excellence. Therefore, we offer quality-based and efficient web designs.

Importance of Web Designs

Sets your first Impression

Your first impression matters for your website. If you do not have a strong website presence. Your brand is at higher risk. Because the customers only approach those websites. That has something is the super bar. So, that they have an impression of your website.

So, you need the best website designs. That starts new customers and makes more customers for you. Also, everyone attracts to visuals. And everyone naturally attracts to good designs. More importantly, they stop using those websites. That has a bad design. Because it creates a bad effect on the brand products.

Build Trust of the Brand

As research shows that 38% of people just stop using websites. Because they do not satisfy with the layout and content. Also, another research shows that 75% of people judge the products of the company according to their website designs. Therefore, having a strong visual appearance is most important. Because they create an impact on your brand’s products and services.

Put your business at Spotlight

Our web designs not only bring new ideas. But they provide the best light to your business. They grab the attention of visitors, engage them. Also, they convert the visitor into customers.

Our pros of websites work on the layout, appearance, and content of websites. In appearance, they work on font, images, and colors. Moreover, in the layout, they work on the best structure. So, that they provide the best web designs. They are pleasing, easy to use, and that match the brand website.

We simplify identify which kind of websites need simplicity. So, that we cannot confuse your customers.


Well designed and professional Websites

The first step in making a worthful online presence is to make well designed and professional website. That influenced your customers and make the growth of your business. Because website plays a big role in making the brand image. Therefore, Fajari web solutions developed optimized websites. Moreover, most of the well-known brands establish their reputation. As we provide advanced and top-quality services. Furthermore, our web designs are functional and creative.

Fast Loading Time and Consistency

Our designs have compatibility with each device. Also, they are accessible to all users. We build them with planned information architecture. Moreover, our web designs have fast loading times, browser consistency, and effective navigation.

Our professional web design services support all the brands in Dubai. Because we build unique and extraordinary digital identities. So, that we make more customers, and ensure your growth.

With years of experience in creating and designing the best websites. Moreover, we establish many local and international brands. Also, with our expertise, and advanced tools we make your online presence worthful.


User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are used to analyzing how customers can make interact with the website. Also, how they feel about it after using website services. Therefore, well-known brands know about the UI/UX effect on websites.

So, as the best web design company in Dubai. We work on the emotional connection with customers and increase your sales.

We provide digital marketing solutions for smart brands. Also, we know user experience is crucial. To know about the needs of users. Because it provides expertise that makes trustable users for the brand.  Moreover, it gives details of customers’ views about the products. So, that you can easily make a growth of your experience.

User experience also allows coming close to the users. And talk to them about the products and know about their opinions.

Whereas the user interface is important to convey your visitors to customers. Therefore, a good user interface is essential to gain the attention of visitors to your site. Also, it provides the connection between the sales and consumers.

UI improves conversion rate. Also, it makes your website more professional. Moreover, it increases the efficiency and responsiveness of your websites.

Fajar Web Solutions Services for Web Designing in Dubai

Our Services for UX/UI

We provide a range of services for user interface and user experience. But some of them are enlisted below:

  • Wire Framing.
  • Cross-Platform Experiences.
  • Experience Designs.
  • Layout settings.
  • Mobile Designs.
  • Focused Designs.
  • Designs that attract search engine traffic.
  • Expertise in various technologies like HTML, CSS3, HTML5.
  • Engaging User experience.
  • User research.
  • Testing Designs.
  • UX writer.
  • UI/UX developers.

Services for Responsive Web designs

From the small phone to the big displays. Responsive web design is the best way to adjust to the customer’s behavior. Because it is easily adjusted for many platforms, screen size, etc. Therefore, these are mostly demanded.

Because responsive websites change the alignment of content. And adjust the design according to the screen display. Therefore, we focused on building responsive design on your websites. Moreover, our designers make websites that are fit, flexible. Also, that adjust with the smartphone and tablets.

A responsive Web Page Boost Your Brand Values

We try to keep it simple. But unique designs. We, also use the latest technology that resized the content. Like images, copies, and videos. So, they easily adjust with every device. Moreover, we analyze the goals of your business. Therefore, we understand the vision of the brand. So, that we collect all our relevant expertise. That matches your objectives while designing a website.

For the past 18 years, we have kept eye on all the trends. So, that we update about the latest trends. Moreover, we work with huge brands. Therefore, we know about the needs of all regions.

Services that we provide in responsive designs are as follows:

  • Full navigation.
  • Effective Scaling.
  • Expert designers.
  • User behavior-based screen size.
  • Display adjustments.
  • Flexible Grids.
  • Platform and orientation.


For business growth well design, an e-commerce website is needed. Because it not only increases the sales. But also providing the platform to make an interaction with customers.

Fajar web solutions provide customized e-commerce web design solutions in Dubai. Moreover, we increase conversions for the page. We also, showcase the products, use promotional banners. Therefore, increase the sales of your products.

E-commerce websites need the best designs. That makes a range of customers. So, we make these designs organized, clean, and attractive. Moreover, people prefer those e-commerce stores that are well designed, and user-friendly. We, therefore, give a pleasant experience with our services.

Your E-commerce site designing decide your business success

We know that the best websites attract more customers. Therefore, we make everything attractive. From the layout of products to the background, buttons, and other things. So, that your customers become more satisfied with easily useable designs.

Innovative E-commerce Designs

Our service provider prefers you have a unique digital experience. Therefore, we make a combination of a team that comes up with unique ideas. Moreover, all of them are talented and have great expertise. Therefore, they create unique web designs, web pages, etc. Also, they make your e-commerce business well known.

We provide a range of services for E-commerce sites:

  • Optimization of layouts.
  • Increased conversion.
  • Customized UI/UX design.
  • Product showcasing.
  • Landing page designing.
  • Promotional banners.


Our services for content management systems (CMS) publish, organize, and manage, all digital content.  Also, it allows many users to access the content from the same website. Moreover, our highly skilled CMS designers work passionately. Also, they develop a website for completing the needs of customers.

We update your CMS according to your needs. Therefore, we used WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Sitecore, and others. We edit and create content for you. Also, we give the best security.

Our CSM websites are user-friendly. Moreover, they include updates. They are cost-effective, and best quality based.

Services that we provide in responsive designs are as follows:

  • Update your CMS.
  • Simplify Website.
  • Redesign Website.
  • Website Security.
  • Full navigation.
  • Effective Scaling.
  • Expert designers.
  • User behavior-based screen size.
  • Display adjustments.
  • Flexible Grids.
  • Platform and orientation.


Our designers know about the principle of designs. Also, they know how to make them simple but catchy. Because they have experience of years in the industry. Therefore, the design for a variety of services. Moreover, they are good communicators. So, they easily connect with the ideas of customers.

They are creative and patient. Furthermore, they are enriched with technical abilities. Also, they have perfect visionary perceptions. Therefore, they work on the creative side to produce unique website designs.

They know about typography. Also, about the composition. So, that they perfectly arrange texts, visuals, and other elements. Moreover, they composed the best layout. With balanced colors, space, and all other features.

Our pros know about color theory. Therefore, they make a combination of primary colors to give unique, and new colors to your website. Moreover, they have years of experience in XD, Photoshop, web-flow, Adobe Illustrator, and Figma.

They meet with the clients to discuss all the requirements. Also, they have expertise in HTML and JavaScript. Moreover, they create appealing designs. And user-friendly. Also, they work with a multidisciplinary team. So, that they come up with productive ideas, and results.