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Little Bucket

At Fajar Al Sabah Information Technologies, we designed and developed website https://littlebucket.com/ for Little Bucket. 

That merit badge that you failed to earn 30 years ago is coming back to haunt you. Let’s face it. Many of us are not particularly skilled when it comes to lighting a campfire, fireplace or firepit. Little Bucket Firestarters are here to save the day!

Little Bucket Firestarters were first developed in the Summer of 1995, after Rick and Kelly Skillings spent a long cold Maine winter  with a new woodstove. Much more  newspaper and kindling was needed then they ever thought possible, all in the continuing attempt to start the stove to keep warm. They searched for an easier way, bought a variety of products and found that none of them lived up to their claims.

After a year of research and development, we finally produced a waterproof fire starter that would work as intended with no need for newspaper or kindling.

Little Bucket


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