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E-commerce Web Design

Are you a Dubai based company in need of an online e-commerce store? Worry not, Fajr Web Solutions, is at your service. Over the years, we have been creating great websites from scratch for local and international businesses. We are so confident that our professional team, who deliver exceptional results, will delight you.

Pros of E-Commerce Sites

A website markets your company across the world 24/7 all year round. It never sleeps nor does it get tired. An e-commerce site is even more beneficial than a regular website. While a website markets the business, an online store allows you to sell products every hour and all days of the year. You can sell products to other businesses (B2B) or to consumers (B2C). Whichever the case, at Fajr Web Solutions, you will have the best team of graphic designers and programmers, working for you.

What the Service Entails

We leverage the power of various technologies to create a slick, highly responsive website. Some of the technologies we use include Magento, Prestashop and Woo commerce, which are content management systems. These are tested technologies that also make managing the e-commerce store easy for people without technical skills. They also make the process of managing products on the site easier. You add and remove products through simple procedures and even integrate the site with offline activities.

Additionally, our experts will create websites that can support unlimited products in endless categories. They will implement different payment gateways; enable the use of credit cards while ensuring the checkout is secure. If you sell products that require shipping or digital services, trust us for unique solutions. Last but not least, we can enable users to log in with their social media profiles and add the shopping cart feature.

Try Us out Today for Customisable Services

When creating an e-commerce store, you can either use a template or go for a unique website. Templates don’t offer the same usability and customisation of uniquely designed sites by Fajr Web Solutions. You can use an original site for any purpose with no restrictions. We can also build websites from scratch or modify and come up with one better than your current website.

E-Commerce Dubai

If you are a locally owned business, our knowledge of the country and region will prove invaluable. While you can opt for a foreign company, they don’t have familiarity with the culture, language, what customers in the region prefer and more. They will not provide a store with the feel and attitude of the local shoppers. In addition, you cannot physically meet up and talk about aspects of the store with them.

E-Commerce Web Design
with a Promise

Our goal always remains giving clients a tool to facilitate sales for years to come. We ensure that the site is perfect, usable and free from errors. That requires the application of comprehensive approaches and detailed processes. Countless projects have sharpened the skills of our professionals and rest assure you get only the best. Engage with us for top class-solutions.