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SEO services

With our expert SEO services, we aim to propel your online presence to new heights. Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes strategic techniques and industry best practices to optimize your website for improved search engine rankings. From comprehensive keyword research to on-page optimization and link building, we work tirelessly to drive organic traffic, boost visibility, and help your business thrive in the digital landscape.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Our SEO service begins with in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for your business.

Measurable Results

On-Page Optimization

We optimize your website's on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, content, and URL structure.

Link Building

Link Building and Off-Page SEO

Our SEO service includes a strategic approach to building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Performance Tracking and Reporting

We provide regular performance tracking and detailed reports to keep you informed about the progress of your SEO campaign.

Leading Website in Dubai

Fajari web Solutions is the leading website in UAE. Because we use a perfect mixture of strategies that makes your business top ranked. Therefore, our Search engine optimization (SEO) services get maximum reach and bring higher rank for your business. With our years of experience, we bring the relevant audience with relevant keywords to your site. Our range of services like SEO on-page service, SEO off-page service, SEO audit makes you appear more in Google search. And have more sales and profit than competitors.

Best SEO Services in Dubai
Grow your traffic

Grow Your Organic traffic with us

Leading website traffic is because of organic visibility. So, SEO is best for hyper-targeting your web. And to make customer attention towards your online brand. A Dubai-based SEO agency that provides more than 360 services for SEO. SEO Marketing Services in Dubai help you to drive more traffic on your web easily. And, with the range of methods, we target traffic on your website.

Generating New Customers Via Online Mode​​

SEO for all business sizes

All Sizes Business

Awesome results

Awesome Results

keep you in loop

Keep you in the Loop

Significant ROI

Significant ROI

Comprehensive Internet Marketing

For digital marketing Search Engine optimization is the oldest form. And in the early nineties, SEO-based websites were developed first. Which makes a big change in online sales and business. So, website owners know about the fact of Google power. Therefore, they try to use the search engine for the website. Also, they understand the fact of benefits behinds the website ranking.

Internet Marketing
More reach more money

More Reach More Money

A website that will rank well will make more traffic for you. And it creates more opportunities and gives a business lead. Now hundreds and thousands of SEO agencies, SEO experts, and SEO professionals are working around the world. But only those sites are leading who are established by experienced SEO services providers.

SEO Experts

Fajar Web SEO Experts

Our web Search Engine Optimization providers have the expertise of years. And our team is working for years to drive traffic to the website. We have a team of people who are experts in SEO on the site, off-site, and other SEO services. Because of this best combination of skills. Also, with the range of advanced techniques. We develop the best websites in UAE. We make sure your traffic will be your desired customers. And we help you to increase the sales easily. Therefore, we are the best SEO company in Dubai.

Long term Benefits

Long term Benefits

If you are looking for long-term benefits for your business, SEO is the best choice. Because online businesses do not depend upon the optimized website. As with the time it needs planning to be top in search engine. And this is done by our experts. They use many methods to increase the traffic on the web. You are here because you are searching for the best services. Also, to make your web top ranked. And to improve the visibility of the web in Google. Fajar web solutions are the best SEO agency. Because we develop the websites from many years. And with the years of our experience, we know how to attract customers to your site.

24 Hour Professional Support

Professional Support

If you need professional support for search engine optimization. You can trust our SEO web developer. Also, with their years of experience, they improve search visibility. And rush the traffic on the web. Moreover, increased sales so, you easily target the customers you need. No matter what kind of business you are dealing with. And where is the location? If you need that your website will be visible to your desire customers. We will make it happen.Check out our SEO company services in Dubai. Our best team of marketing professionals in Dubai uses all the successful techniques. While assisting you we support all kinds of websites. Like E-commerce, business, and other websites. We are proud to devolve SEO-based websites. Because of our effort, you create your name in the digital world. We also, provide our services for a wide array of clients across the world.


If you are looking for experts who specialize in Search Engine Optimization services in Dubai. You are on the right platform. With a range of expertise, we offer the best-optimized SEO for marketing purposes. Also, our content, marketing and, keyword expertise when combine gives the best outcome to you. Because of our desired outcomes, you can easily gain the top positions. So, we make a website that develops opportunities for you for a lifetime.

We support multiple clients in many languages. Also, by using customized SEO services, we devolve the worth of your business in the digital market. And with the use of our services, you have more chances to grow. Because you are collaborating with the best service provider in UAE.

Our SEO is important for your websites. Because it keeps the search results best. And it reduces the ability of other developers to manipulate the results. Also, our hard work makes your website to be visible in high search rank. Because our expertise in digital marketing is perfect from each side. And they give you the best chance to show your needs and content in the search results.

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Targeted Keywords:

Our experts have a great grip on keywords. And keywords are very important for the website. And for driving organic traffic to your website. We used the best keywords. And our keywords selection is based on target and content. It is according to your website services.

With the use of high-value keywords, we can easily rank your websites. Also, we develop keywords according to your website’s demands. And our keyword placement depends upon the search factors. Because we have a team who identify what people mostly search for any business. And then they developed keywords accordingly. So, we as the best SEO company in Dubai drive more customers to your website.

We select the keywords that have a high search rate. And we prefer short tail keywords, long-tail keywords, and local keywords. All these keyword selections are based on the content you needed. We also used keywords to optimize the URLs, titles, and on-page SEO elements.

Our best keyword selecting abilities. Make the worth of your websites. Moreover, it creates huge traffic. It brings more visitors. And earning links. It maintains your regular growth sales. So, behind a successful online business. It is necessary to hire providers. That know about the unique and high-value keywords.

For keywords we provide the services:


Our professionals with their advertising skills of SEO, and SEM drive more traffic to your social websites. We provide social media content based on essential keywords. With our simple ideas and content, you will develop more customers for your company.

For digital marketing, we engage the services of the best writers. All the writers present your product details in the best manner. They create SEO-based content for websites and brands. This keyword-based content supports you to attract more customers.

The content is well written. It delivers the message to the audience. And it is precise and unique. Moreover, it will highlight the essential points in the content. Because we create in a conversational style. And it is for specific websites. So, their customers easily understand the message.

SEO company Dubai writers have years of experience. So, they mot present any factual errors in writing. And our content covers all the aspects of the title. Because of website reputation, we ensure to avoid any spelling and grammar errors because our content is unique. And based on some specific keywords. Therefore, there is no chance of any relevancy.

We deliver content for those SEO websites. Who want to inspire and engage the people. So, we have inspirational writers who write content. So, they deliver the concept behind the brand.

We also deliver question-based content. Because many of the customers want answers. So, we highlight their queries. And give answers to them.

For the SEO content development, we offer:


On the page, SEO is the basic requirement for a website. In our On-page SEO services, we provide a higher ranking in the SERPs. And advanced crawl rate, local search improvement, faster website speed. Moreover, organic traffic boosting, boosting of click-through rate, and the best rate of conversion with good earning potential.

You need a worthful website. So, the content matters a lot for it. It is most important. And it is the only way you can impress your audience. So, we have a team of experts that provide content on-demand. Moreover, their content is linkable.

For on-page, we provide experts that place title tags. The title tag is important for SEO. Our URL developers develop URLs that are best for search engines. As they show the page information in URL. So, make ideal for search results. We make the best structure URL. Therefore, they are relative to the search engine.

In today’s era for digital sites on-site and on-page SEO is a basic need.  And more specifically for a business website. Our On-page SEO services tackle all the measures. And our services modify your website with the best searching results.  From our years of experience, we support SEO services to create a lead for your business. And we believe that with the combination of all SEO services. Like On-page and of page services. We will deliver your content to the world.

Our unique experience is a gift for digital marketers. Because we provide the perfect solution. To the growth of your business.

On-pages Services we offer:


SEO consulting gives you a variety of services. And these services promote and optimize online marketing. Also, the appearance of your website is good for you. It will give you more sales. And make the best profit for you from the website.

Fajar web solutions are the leading SEO consultancy services for all the online businesses in UAE.  Because of our years of experience, we know all the best SEO techniques. That makes long-term rewards for you.

We believe that SEO solutions will correctly grow the business. And give you long-term and tangible results.

You have a peek at your work. Because our SEO consultants are the experts that regulate the websites. Also, they increase the page rankings. And we invest all the time to give you competitive benefits.

If you have an idea of making money online. And you need experts for your websites. That use all the skills and techniques. To give you your desired audience. Then you need experts to deal with.

Our experts can provide high volume and low competition keywords. And they have command on HRML. Also, they know how and where to place the keywords on the web page. They have the best copywriting skills.

Also, they are a pro at making visual content. And they best videos, and in-phonographic. Also, they are experienced in promoting websites. Also, best relationships with well-known bloggers. And social top tanking pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Also, they build links to key pages.

We have a team of experts that know about SEO experts’ rankings. And updated about the SEO trends. Content lengths, content formatting, internal, and external linking. Also, all of these are part of our services.

If you are thinking to make a website. That top-ranked in search engine. You need our services. Our experts will highlight your web among competitors. Also, make it on top of google search results.

Our SEO team is efficient and responsive. When have specialized SEO, web makers? All of them are specific to the field. Like cosmetics websites, we have a range of developers. Also, for the health side. Similarly for industries and others.

We offer the best quality consulting services for each type of website. Services that

We Provide:


We analyze if your website is healthy. For this, we perform an SEO audit. And we check if your website brings the customers on daily basis. As all the search engines like yahoo, google, and Bing is updating their algorithms. To analyze the better search results. And we adjust your website according to them. Our service providers know about the popular tools of google. Like webmasters. Because these tools change with time. So, we ensure we make your website updated.

We also ensure that your website does not have broken links. Or any error message. Because it is very important to avoid them. And our audit experts will highlight these errors. And redirect them. They also recover the loss of traffic. Our SEO audit experts ensure the metadata and titles. Because we know consumers check the content and updates. So, we make catchy titles and content.

We also check the details of outdated content. So, we provide fresh content. So, that search engine does not show outdated content. We analyze if the people will not revisit your website. Then maybe it is because of old content. Our SEO audit performers do a screaming frog crawl on the website. And they simply crawl every page search. Moreover, they identify the URL, page titles, descriptions, headings, and others. Then they export data on excel. To critically analyze where errors have occurred. And then they make changes according to them.

We add websites on google Analytics. And identify the customers who visit your website. Therefore, we identify whether the people who are on your site. Are your desires customers or not? And we identify if the customers on your web also search more pages. Devices records. And many other things.

We also audit the URL redirects and duplicate content. And we check the user experience and performance. It will help to understand if the website contains any error messages. So, an SEO audit is very necessary. To figure out If your website is healthy or not. It helps you to bring more traffic to your website. And it analyzes the working, issues, potential, and conversions.

We perform a range of SEO audits. Like SEO technical Audit, SEO link, and content audit. And Competitive Website Audit, and others. Each type we provide has its benefits. But it depends upon you what kind of services your website requires.

We provide a range of SEO audit services. But some of them are mentioned below:

Landing Page Optimization

We improve the elements of your landing page. To increase the conversions for your web. Because the landing is an extension of the web page. So, our main goal is to maintain it properly.

By optimizing landing pages, we ensure that you achieve the best conversion rate. SEO-based landing pages make more customers. And maximize the value of the cost you spend on the ad.

As ads are the wat to have the attention of people. Similarly, landing pages are the only way to maintain the attention of conversion. And it will give more clicks, more views, and downloads. Therefore, optimization of a landing page is necessary to grab the visitors.

Landing Page optimization

Simplification of Landing Page

Our marketing experts make your offers clear to the desired customers. And they will maintain the page according to the customers. And they use an elegant theme to attract them.

Our experts use techniques to grab the audience. Like they simplify the landing page. Just to avoid the clutters. And maintain navigation bar space.

We use contrasting colors. To clear the important message of the landing page. And we use advanced techniques to highlight the important part of the page. Moreover, we make unique headlines. And add contact information to engage the audience.

We provide a range of services in optimizing the landing page like:

Simplification of Landing Page


If you are running an online business. You need to maintain a good reputation. Our services for online reputation management deals with the results. Because products and services make referrals according to the results. Therefore, it is good to have the best online reputation for your business growth.  As online conversions are maintained by ORM. Therefore, we help in sorting negative complaints. We maintain them with the use of SEO techniques.

With our expert services, you will ensure that the customers will come to your site. And they will have the right content. And you provide all the correct details about the products and your services.

We have years of experience in providing solutions for online issues about websites. Also, therefore, we help all the companies to maintain their reputation with our experts.

Our experts remove all the negative content and queries. Also, the satisfied your customers with your brand details.

We respond to each review that will ensure that you are active on your website. Also, we provide a range of services to maintain your online reputation.

We Provide:

Other Services:

We also provide services for Geo-targeted search engine optimization. In this, we target specific areas. And we use many techniques to get good results. For this, we provide Arabic SEO, French SEO, Local SEO, and others. And we ensure that you will target the relevant customers for your products.

We also perform SEO tracking and analysis. Because our experts set the goas for many stages. And they guide you after tracking the worth of your websites. We also, provide SEO for mobile Audience and Videos

The benefits:

Our continuous availability provides you best website services. Because our operators solve the problem quickly. By responding to them quickly, and efficiently. Also, our operators are responsible. Moreover, they communicate effetely.

Moreover, our fast technologies help you to build an SEO website. Also, we come with the best solutions. Moreover, with our responsible behavior, we build a positive reputation. Also, for the satisfaction of our clients, we are available online and offline for 24 hours. So, if you have any support in maintaining your website SEO based.

Fajri service providers easily manage your demands.  We provide SEO expert services according to your demands.

We provide the best services in reasonable amounts. Also, if you are running in a short time in maintaining traffic on your websites. We easily manage your website’s traffic. Also, with our quick and efficient team, this is manageable rapidly.

In addition to this, we give special discounts and offers to our regular customers. Once you take our services. After that, you will trust our service and want to make our regular user. We always have a plan that’s why our team easily handles all situations.

Are you worried about the competitors in the market? We have a solution for you. As we come up with the pro designers and experts that rank your websites. They rush the traffic to your websites and enhance your sales.

That’s why we are considered as the development SEO company in Dubai. Because of our SEO experts and pros, we manage with every customer according to their demands.

Our affiliate websites are consisting of catchy material. We use WordPress set up to make this website. Moreover, our web developer makes quality web content for you. Also, we prefer simple yet professional web designs.

These websites are search engine optimized. Therefore, you can easily place your product value in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As customers target the search engine for products and services. And you need to be on top as the supplier. So, SEO is important for you to attract more customers to your products.

SEO cost is according to your business, and goals. However, Fajar developers are dedicated. Also, they not only optimize your page. They also, get you to outrank among all your competitors.

Yes, we can measure success. Because SEO allows us to track the worth of your websites.