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At Fajr Al Sabah, we provide Seamless Mobile App Development Solutions.

Mobile App Development

Transform your business with our top-notch mobile app development service. Our experienced team of developers specializes in creating customized, high-performance applications that meet your unique requirements. From concept to deployment, we ensure a seamless and engaging user experience, helping you reach and engage your target audience effectively.

Customized Solutions

Our mobile development service offers tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs.

User-Centric Design

We prioritize user experience in our mobile development process.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We specialize in developing mobile applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our services go beyond development. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance to your apps.

Best Mobile App Development in Dubai

The future of mobile is the future of business. In the past few years, mobile application development is booming. Because it is known that there are around 2.3 million app developers. But why only some mobile application is in demand. Because some of the applications are designed with the best planning and experts. Fajari is considered the best mobile application development company in Dubai.

Leading App Development Company

We are a leading company in UAE. Because we provide the best app development services for you. Also, we provide from conventional apps to advanced apps. And the range of apps services we have is based on top quality. These apps are composed of the best apps designers and developers. Therefore, we are considered as the best company in UAE. We clearly explain your application purpose, role, connection, and everything.

We have a range of the best developers in the UAE. All of them are skilled, and professional. Therefore, millions of apps development companies trust Fajar Web Solutions. Because of our years of expertise. We provide the best apps in varieties of shape, color, and textures. Because they are adjustable with each screen. Also, they are easy to use. Therefore, they are downloaded by everyone. And we are considered as the best mobile application development in Dubai.

Leading App Development Company in Dubai

Our Digital Experiences Last Forever

Our mobile app development services are so, important for your business. Because we develop with the use of advanced technologies. Therefore, these applications create multiple opportunities for our clients. It is the reason that our all launched mobile applications make brands popular, and well known in UAE. Approximately 80% of the total population is using the smartphone. Also, the use of the mobile application is increasing day by day. From booking to shopping everything is done by these apps. So, the mobile application is the best tool for the growth of any business. Because you can easily include all the products details. Therefore, customers, these days prefer mobile applications.

Serving Across All Industries

Like for cooking, for health, study, office projects, and all other daily routine work. All of them require support from the best mobile apps. So, that they remind events, maintain health, and easy study.

We Customize Your Applications Across all the Platforms

We develop native applications. These apps allow you to customize the essential features. Moreover, hybrid apps are developed by us. With the use of advanced technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS hybrids apps are developed.

Moreover, we develop progressive web apps. These apps allow your websites to behave like a mobile app. Another of our best services in mobile application development is encapsulated apps. In addition to this, mobile applications for libraries and eBooks services are also provided. These apps support education. As they convert all the conventional data into online learning application

Customized Applications

Why Mobile Applications are Important for you

Mobile applications allow you to grow in between the competitors. Also, the best Mobile Applications prevent you to consume money on traditional platforms. Because they include all the marketing elements in it. Also, the best mobile applications offer you to present all your services efficiently.

Fajar Web solutions have a team of professionals for mobile application development. Presently we provide services of mobile apps in many fields. These are cooking, social media, shopping, banking, education, communication, health, and others.

Our mobile apps are faster. Because we develop personalized content apps. Moreover, these apps give you instant offline and online access. So, our best apps create your interactive engagement with clients. Also, High featured apps build your national and international connections.

Expert Application Developers in Dubai

We have a range of mobile app experts. With the years of experience and skills. They develop the best applications in UAE. Also, the most popular applications in UAE are the example of our developer’s hard work.

Our designers focus on the UI of the applications. So, that they are easy to use. Also, with their best experience, they end up with satisfying results. So, that they consume your time and money most productively.

As professionals, they know each detail of coding. And UX/UI design skills. Because they want that the client’s product will meet the market faster. Therefore, they speed up the development process with the best expertise. And our services make us the best application development company in Dubai.

They have deep knowledge of cross-platform development. With the expertise of Android app development. They also used cross-platform development. So, that your product will be hired rank in the market.

Because with this combination you can easily reuse the coding. Moreover, you can access multiple platforms at the same time.

Also, our developers target the desired market of your brands. So, that you can easily engage the customers as much you want. Our experts use the UX/UI skills set. Moreover, we prefer to hire both designers and developers. So, that we execute the best applications for your services.

Expert Application Developers in Dubai

Command on Several Languages

Fajar pros have command of several languages. Because they have a grip on Phyton, Java, PHP, Objective C, Swift, and use Java. Therefore, our developing apps have the best input of programming languages.

Our best app developing team consists of the quality of developers. Furthermore, they discuss the ideas. Before getting into work. So, they are the best team players. And with their continuous hard work and dedication in the team. You will have an app that booms in the competitive market.

With the best communication and organization skills, they discuss the problems. And then with full potential, they build top mobile applications.

Multi-lingual Application Development

Types of Mobile Applications We Develop

We develop these applications for mobile apps that contain an operating system. Because we have experts to build programming of these. So, they become compatible with those devices that do not contain a simple android system.

These applications are developed by the pros in programming languages. Mostly phyton, Swift, Java, Kotlinn, C++, Objective, and others.

These apps are reliable. Also, faster in their performance. Moreover, they run faster in those devices that have issues in running simple mobile apps.

We build them in simple and easy ways. Because our developers use multiple languages. Therefore, they are user-friendly. Also, these applications relate to the hardware directly. So, they have a choice of features access like Bluetooth, camera roll, contacts, and more.

Our native application is the innovative approach that makes your business the best. Also, our quality assurance makes us give the best app to you.

Our services in native applications are:

  • Native Android Application Development.
  • iOS app building.
  • App customization.
  • Native UI/UC management.
  • Support and Maintenance of these applications.

In today’s era, where the disease ratio is too high. Everyone needs o to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it is quite difficult to approach your doctor on daily basis. So, we solve this problem. Our lifestyle mobile applications are well known in UAE.

They are for dating, food, fitness, music, and travel. Moreover, the beauty of our applications is they are so, fascinating for the users. They are so, dependable. Like if the person installs them. They will follow the app guidelines on daily basis.

If a person wants to track his water intake, or his meal calories, or his blood sugar level, or anything. He will be back on the application each day. Therefore, we develop systems that insist your customers use your application on daily basis.

So, lifestyle mobile applications are mostly demanded in UAE. Because everyone has a doctor’s advice at home. So, they don’t need to see the doctor personally. Moreover, these applications support the health and fitness of your customers.

We develop web applications. They are easy to access on a mobile device. Moreover, our web applications are based on search engine optimization. Also, they include live chat and security.

Our experts build a static web application, a dynamic web application. Moreover, eCommerce web app, portal web application.  Also, content management system.

We also build the best progressive application. Our pros in web applications have much expertise. Also, some of the expertise are CSS, HTML5, RUBY, JavaScript, and others.

These applications do not need the customize the OS or Platform. So, these are best and easy to use.

From start to end our team delivers the best website. That is suitable for all kinds of businesses. In web designing, we provide the services of:

  • Custom Web Design.
  • Web Building.
  • Web portals designing.
  • Ecommerce and solutions.
  • CMS development.

Our social media applications are in demand. Also, they are mostly used in UAE. They help to build social networks.

Fajari social applications support you with the best features. Because they are rich with features, and functions. Therefore, you need expert support to build these applications properly.

We insert many new functions. But our best priority is the simple and friendly user interface. We build secure login. So, the customers have no privacy issues. Also, we build programming for the best message systems, open forums, and real-time notifications.

So, these best-featured applications give you a high score and the best social network. Also, you can share something easily.

We know the worth of utility mobile applications. And their demand in these days. Online shopping is something that anyone prefers to do. Therefore, we build the best utility mobile applications. Moreover, they are rich in all the features.

Our experts build simple applications. So, every person can use them easily. Our applications have the best speed. So, they provide fats loading screens. Also, we provide high security. So, that you can transfer your funds easily. They have the best search options. So, that you can search for anything easily. Our pros also come up with color schemes. For the purchase button, and something specific we use bright and bold colors.

These applications are in great competition. As the young people go for the application that has the best ratings. That do not stick, and do not bring any sort of virus in their mobiles. Therefore, we are well-known developers in UAE. Because we build those applications that have the best speed, and that explains every feature.

Our gaming applications deliver timely updates. Because they add new features with the time. Also, we build them to connect with social platforms. So, that you can connect with the target audience. We use clear success criteria. Moreover, our game applications are the best hardware-driven. And give the facility to enable multiple game modes.

We build a mobile application for news and information. Our expert’s applications are for studies. We put all the information from books, and e-books and then upload them on the mobile applications. So, that it is easy to read them. Instead of carrying heavy books. These applications are easy to use and easy to carry.

These applications are composed of multiple languages. Also, they are built according to the locations. So, that we easily target the culture, and regarding pieces of information.

For news applications, our experts use engagement tools, search, and filters. Moreover, options to interact with content. Also, registration, and personal profiles.

These applications are for managing the best products efficiently, and quickly. Therefore, we develop an application for sheets, documents, and others.

Our experts manage these applications in the best manner. So, you can easily go through your projects on mobile.

As an award-winning mobile application development company in UAE. We are the best to consult for everything. Because app-building project depends upon best practical approach. Therefore, you should go with our expert consultations.

We provide services of:

  • Product definitions.
  • Analysis of all requirements.
  • Market Evaluation,
  • Project Scope analysis.
  • Conceptual Analysis.
  • Feasibility Analysis.

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Designing

For mobile application designing, we hire our experts. Because from logo to layout everything should be eye-catchy. So, that your customers should have the best experience.

Therefore, our designers use all the advanced methods to build the UX/UI designs. Also, we provide other services:

  • 3D modeling of application.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Making Best Designs.
  • Illustration.
  • Visual Design.
Native iOS app development

In the native iOS app building, we provide a range of services. But our best services are:

  • App design, and app development.
  • Ipad app design and development.
  • iWatch app design and development.
  • App store optimization.

Therefore, our designers use all the advanced methods to build the UX/UI designs. Also, we provide other services:

  • 3D modeling of application.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Making Best Designs.
  • Illustration.
  • Visual Design.
Native Android Development:

Android app developers are proficient. Because of the build application for a range of industries. there are some common services:

  • App design, and app development.
  • Enterprise App design, and app development.
  • App testing.
  • Play store optimization.
  • Upgrades for app version

Therefore, our designers use all the advanced methods to build the UX/UI designs. Also, we provide other services:

  • 3D modeling of application.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Making Best Designs.
  • Illustration.
  • Visual Design.

Post Development Maintenance

Our best service providers do not stop after creating the application. They also, run applications. And they maintain if any error occurs. Also, they maintain the old applications. Moreover, they install updates and new features. So, that application will be compatible with your mobile. We also, resolve all the technical issues that are linked with the application.

We have a range of services in mobile post-development maintenance. Some of them are:

  • Customer service support.
  • Management of all Incidents.
  • Service Request Management.
  • Process Management.
Post Development Maintenance

The Benefits of Mobile Applications

Accessibility from Many Platforms

Accessibility from Many Platforms

These applications give you to access all the online platforms. These are the best applications to access online marketplaces like Google, app store, etc. Also, they are linked with social places. Therefore, you can easily connect with customers on these sites. Also, you can increase your sales. By sharing information with them.

Engage Your Customers Everywhere

Engage Your Customers Everywhere

With the use of our services. You can easily engage with your customers. Because our modern and updated applications are user friendly. Therefore, they help you to take feedback from customers. Also, contact your customers anytime. Therefore, we build the best mobile applications in Dubai.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Businesses always need efficient support. Also, an online digital presence builds on the best performance. Therefore, you can efficiently sell your products and their details.  Furthermore, you have more chance to develop more customers. And have more sales.

The Benefits of Our Services

Build our Mobile Application with Us

Mobile applications need support every time. You can build mobile applications with our continuous support. Therefore, our services provided are available for 24 hours.

Fajri mobile app developers solve all the problems easily. Because they have advanced technologies. That helps you to have the best mobile applications all over UAE.

We prefer our Customers Opinions

We always prefer our customer’s opinions. Our application developers give their best in dealing with clients. We have a trained and best team for each service. As they always find ways to satisfy the clients. For the mobile application, we must work on the feedback of our customers.

With a dedication to work, our service providers always listen to the consumer’s ideas. Therefore, Fajari is considered the best mobile application development company in Dubai.