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Office Management

Employee Manager

Attendance System


Accounts Management


Product & Services

Sales & Purchase

Customer & Vendor

Leave Application Manager

Event Manager

Employee Portal


Powerfull Dashboard

eOffice has Power full dashboard where reflect your business current scenario.

  • Total Income, Expense Current Year
  • Total (A/R) and (A/P)
  • Cash Flow Income, Expense
  • Account Balance
  • Income vs Expenses
  • Personal Event Calendar
Employee Management

Powerfull employee manage tools. Easili all employee can be manage.

  • Employee personal information
  • Contact & Dependent Info
  • Assign job to employee
  • Set employee salary
  • Set supervisor & subordinate
  • Direct deposite
  • Employee Login
Transactions (accounts)

Manage daily office transactions. Easily create bank/cash accounts

  • Create & Manage Chart of Accounts
  • Report Accounts Balance / Transaction
  • Handel Accounts Payable(A/P)
  • Handel Accounts receivable (A/R)
  • Trans: Deposite/Expense/Transfer/(A/P)(A/R)
  • Categories wise Transactions
  • Export: PDF/EXCEL/CSV
Payroll Management

Payroll Module very easy to create your employee salary structure.

  • Salary Component (Earning/Deduction)
  • Pay Grade
  • Pension Fund (Fixed/Percentage)
  • Deduction (Fixed/Percentage)
  • Fine Deduction
  • Employee Award Payment
  • Direct Deposite
Notice Board and Event

Employee Notice Board & Event

  • Create Notice & Manage Notice
  • Create Event & Manage Event
  • Notice Published / Unpublished
  • Notice Will Display Employee Portal
  • Event Will Display Employee Portal
  • Office Holiday Handel
  • Yearly Holiday Create
Product & Services

There is Four Kind of Product & Service you can add.

  • Inventory Product
  • Non-Inventory Product
  • Service
  • Bundle-Product
Sales & Purchase

Easily create your desired language.

  • Create Sales Invoice/Quotation
  • Purchase Product from Vendor
  • Send, Received Money
  • Due, Over Due Payment
  • Send Invoice to Customer/Vendor
  • Return Purchase
  • Received Purchase Product

It has a lot of more cool feature for your business expect.

  • Employee Award
  • Set Weekly Office Holiday
  • Manage Personal Event Calander
  • What To-Do
  • Internal Mailbox(Inbox/Outbox)
  • Company Info
  • Localization
  • Email Settings
Multi-Language Support

Easily create your design language.

  • Add Any Language Required
  • Add Your Own Translations
  • Activate / Deactivate Languages
  • 70+ Languages Available

Pricing for online (Cloud Hosting and access from anywhere)

AED 2999 One time price.  Plus 1st-year cloud Hosting ( Just AED 850)

Pricing for Offline (Local Server, cannot access from outside)

AED 2999 one time price


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